• How can I get more details about the business that I am interested in?
    You can use the contact details of the seller and get in touch with him/her directly for further clarifications.
  • How do I register on Gulfbizforsale.com?
    There are two options for registration on our website. You can register as a business seller or business buyer. Simply click on the section you are interested in and choose “Register Now”.
  • I have forgotten my password.
    In order to retrieve your password, visit login page and below username/password section you will see “Forgot Password”. Just click on it, and we will send you your password on your registered email address.
  • The seller hasn’t replied to my email.
    Our listings are all managed by the sellers. We only provide advertising services and do not hold any responsibility for incomplete listings or emails sent to the sellers. In case you haven’t heard from the seller, you can always try to send another reminder.
  • What are the charges for posting a business for sale?
    We have different packages depending on the duration of the ad. Follow this link for more information.
  • I want refund!
    Unfortunately once the advertisement is placed, there is no refund possible.
  • How long will my listing be shown on the website?
    Your listing’s expiration day depends on the package you have chosen.